I hired TCA out of Medina office because I had a total knee replacement. I could barely walk 3 weeks after surgery.

I wouldn't say the house was dirty. Simply dust, vacuum, mop floors. First the owner came out to assess my needs. He was full of fancy paperwork, guarantees, and my customer responsibilities.

I more than held up my end of the bargain. There was not one piece of clutter in my home. I cancelled a physical therapy appointment to be home if they had questions. The company owner sent 2 teenage girls, who were delightful, but he forgot to train them.

The equipment they had was disgusting. Reused in every house they cleaned. A mop that wasn't just dirty, it was black. An ancient vacuum with a full, dirty bag.

It took them 10 minutes to get it to turn on, then it blew brown dirt clouds out. They did not dust anything. They damp mopped kitchen floor with plain water, going around table and chairs. Vacuumed just traffic areas so fast it didn't pick anything up.

I can't describe this- except to say my house was totally dirty when they left and full of other people's germs because they used filthy equipment. My complaint is with the owner of the company. I didn't fault 2 kids that hadn't been trained. The owner falsely advertised their equipment and methods.

The Satisfaction Guarantee was false. I paid $117 for a dirty house. I called and reported my complaint to a woman who did not identify herself. The owner did not call me.

He did not come out and do a walk through. He did not refund my money. He mailed me a two sentence letter insulting ME! Really?!

He doesn't even know me! It simply said, good luck finding a service that can "meet your expectations"! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! For $117 , I wanted my tables dusted and the floor cleaned.

That's high expectations for a cleaning company?

Well Rick, I wouldn't want to eat at your house! Don't Ever Try This Company!!!!!!

Review about: The Cleaning Authority Cleaning Service.

Monetary Loss: $117.

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Akron, Ohio, United States #602253

The complainant posted anonomously but her name is Wendy Anderson who resides at 6017 Akron-Peninsula Rd. in Peninsula, OH 44264.

For an accurate picture of the reputation of The Cleaning Authority in Medina, OH, please refer to the company's excellent rating and Super Service award on Angie's List as well as the company's A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau.

One more reason not to rely on these types of postings or the mad prattle of a lunatic.

to Reality Akron, Ohio, United States #605729

Wow Rick nice reply. I am sure future clients that find this will be happy to know if they are unhappy about your service you will post the customers name and location in a public forum.

I notice you chose to call her a lunatic instead of attempting to disprove any of her complaints. I expected so much more from a disbarred attorney!

Now any criminal element knows where she is, her name and that she has physical limitations. :?

to Truth Amherst, Ohio, United States #1203338

This guy is a total joke. He told me he was an attorney to try to scare me. Terrible company

to Reality Athens, Georgia, United States #767984

Who cares if you got an A+ rating on Angie's List and a Super Service Award with the Better Business Bureau. Posting that irate customer's personal information in a public forum speaks volumes about the type of business you're operating. I wouldn't trust your company to wash my dog.

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