BUYER BEWARE!!! I DEFINATELY would NOT recommend The Cleaning Authority! They cleaned for me only 4 times over the course of 1 month. I experienced several issues 3 of the 4 times, even on some of the most basis services. Issues ranged from destroying our dog door ($120 expense), trash not emptied, dusting issues (lamp bases and head board not dusted) and cobwebs left hanging after a 'detail' clean, couch not cleaned, bed made incorrectly EVERY time...the list goes on. I felt I was misled in their ability to accommodate even simple requests. For example, making beds with down comforters and feather beds; and opening a dog door to let pets in the house.

There was the bed making fiasco. First, Connie Hernandez sold us a bill of goods regarding linen changes. We told her we have both a feather bed and a down comforter with a duvet cover. Not only did she tell us that they know the correct order of the bed linens and how to change duvet cover, but 1 linen change is included in the price of the cleaning at no charge. However, when we received our contract, the contract clearly states that linen changes are $4. After speaking with an inspector, linen changes are an additional $4 and duvet cover changes are an additional $8, ‘because they are so complicated and take so much time to change.’ The Cleaning Authority is not capable is correctly making a bed that has a feather bed or down comforter on it, or changing a duvet cover, even when both employees and inspectors are shown and providing written notes in our file. Every time they made my bed, it was done incorrectly. Issues ranged from sheets being put on the bed horizontally instead of vertically, duvet cover not being put on the down comforter, down comforter not being placed on the bed, linen being placed on the bed in the incorrect order.

Then there was the dog door fiasco. Again, we were assured by Connie Hernandez that most of their clients had pets and they were ‘very familiar’ with dog doors. Just to ensure they understood how to open the dog door, I gave 4 separate demonstrations to the crew and inspectors and written instructions on how to open the dog door. However, every week there was an issue with this! How difficult is it to pull a pin, slide the door up and put the door on the washer?! Apparently, this simple request was far more than The Cleaning Authority could handle. By the 2nd cleaning, they had completely destroyed not only the dog door, but the dog door frame as well! We ended up having to replace the entire dog door. During the next cleaning, the crew said they didn't know how to open the dog door, so they let our 3 dogs in the house and closed the door, with no access to go outside to go to the bathroom. I received a call at work after the fact telling me ‘the crew couldn’t open the dog door but left the dogs in the house all day while I was at work and wondered if that was going to be a problem’! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My husband had to take time off from work and drive from Nampa to go home and open the dog door so our dogs could go outside to go to the bathroom. By the time he made it home 3 hours later, the dogs had already had 2 accidents in the house. Not only did it cost us time and money for having to take time off from work and gas to drive from Nampa unexpectedly, we also now have soiled carpets, which The Cleaning Authority refused to clean. I called and emailed The Cleaning Authority to explain what had happened and asked to speak to the owner to explore a satisfactory resolution. Of course, I didn’t receive a call from the owner or anyone else to discuss any resolution. Instead, I received an email after hours from Connie Hernandez informing me that The Cleaning Authority had terminated my contract and closed my account. ISN’T THAT RICH?! Connie said that my account would be credited for my last cleaning, however since my account has been closed, it remains to be seen how or if I will actually be credited.

It is obvious that there are several issues with this company:

1. The owners of The Cleaning Authority prefer to hide behind their employees rather than having to get their hands dirty with dealing with any kind of problem or resolution

2. The manner in which problems are resolved, or lack thereof

3. Employees not reading the notes in your cleaning file

4. Lack of training and job knowledge transfer

I have never experienced the level of frustration or expense with any other cleaning service as I did with The Cleaning Authority. If you want to hire a company that misrepresents their ability to provide even the most basic services, one who over promises and under delivers, and would rather terminate your contract instead of calling you to discuss possible solutions, then The Cleaning Authority is your company. For all other informed consumers DO NOT be bamboozled into hiring The Cleaning Authority!

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