I've used The Cleaning Authority for about a year. The "rotation system" is such a joke.. just a selling technique to get you hooked. There have been several times where the rooms "on rotation" were left so dirty, I 'd have to clean them myself after they leave. They cut corners every time and are in and out of my 2800 sq. ft home in just over an hour! They are always showing up with different people. The "quality checks" are pointless - the lady shows up after 20 minutes of them starting and just checks whatever they've already cleaned then leaves a couple minutes later.

The girls do not know how to clean thoroughly at all. Almost every time after they leave, I find so much hair on the bathroom floors, not to mention dirt, sand, and grime still on our kitchen and laundry room floors which were are never vacuumed properly. Several things go uncleaned each and every time. They don't clean cobwebs or anything higher than their arm's reach. They are not very accomodating if you request another team either.

One girl would leave the house 10 minutes before the other girl every time just so she could smoke her cigarette and throw the butt onto our lawn or driveway as if no one would notice. On several occasions, I'd hear her yelling and cursing her way to the car from our front door, complaining about work politics, etc. My house would wreak of cigarrete smoke from that one girl who is supposedly "green cleaning" our home. Who wants that when you have a baby and toddler at home?

I have never felt so ripped off for any service before.

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I'd like to say that I worked at this company for a few years... For one thing, when the workers are travelling in their own personal vehicles, they are allowed to smoke. Deal with it, you're too busy or lazy to clean your own house so buy some febreeze and chill out.



My name is Liz and I work at the cleaning authority in Heath, Ohio. I sincerely apologize that you have had a bad experience with our company, but I want to assure you that not all cleaners at our franchise are bad.

As with anything, like you said, we are all human, and I agree there should be a law against non-smokers having to ride around with smokers, but I could lose my job if I refused to ride with someone. I am a non-smoker, and through the nearly a year that I have worked here, I have had minimal complaints. I ask that you please stick with our company, please contact Bryan and Rhonda and ask to try out team 3.

Hope I can help!!! :grin


I had the same issue at the one in heath oh.Girls coming in smelling horrible! My house never smelled good after they left from smoking,instead they leave and my house smelled of stinky cigarettes!

They come in and the smell just hits you!There are some of the 30+ girls who seem to clean well but you can over here some of the younger women talking about you or your home! Makes you feel very uncomfortable in your own home.I know some of the girls cant help who they ride with and i feel bad for the non smokers having to ride w/ smokers!Should be a law against that!Not sure if I will keep this company.


I just wanted to say that I worked at a cleaning authority and most of these complaints are exaggerated. Just so you know we, cleaners, are human.

We make mistakes, smoke, and swear just like you and every one else on this planet do. We have a system that we do at every house that moves us through the house. It shouldn't have taken them much over an hour to clean your house. Also, the inspector doesn't exactly have to see that your house is perfect, but if they can see that the cleaners are doing what they are supposed to then it should look great.

Not vacuuming is bogus. Yes things get skipped, but not something like that. And how you say one girl left before the other, that is wrong and do agree with you on that. Understandable you don't want a smoky smelling house with children.

That is just the cleaners that you ended up with. But don't let one person ruin it for the rest.

You had a bad experience, but thousands of other people have a great experience and wonderfully clean home thanks to this company. And don't get me wrong I didn't exactly like my job and the people I worked with, but we do what we have to do to get the houses cleaned.

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