I ready a bunch of complaints about the Cleaning Authority. I don't know if this site is the place to give them praise, but I think they are very reasonably priced, very reliable.

They do a good job! We had used the Maids, a kind of cleaning swat team, who would descend on the house with four or five workers and blast clean the house in about an hour or so.

They did a good job, but they were more than twice the price as the Cleaning Authority. The other great thing about the CA is that they will work out deals to only do the rooms you most need, for a lower price.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #790677

Thank you for your nice comment. We appreciate your business! We know we are not perfect, but we work hard each day trying to deliver exactly what we promise.

to Anonymous Nashville, Tennessee, United States #790692

I'm really amazed to read some of the negative posts about the Cleaning Authoriy. I've never felt like any of the employees were untrustworthy.

They are always polite, kind and conscientious. Maybe there's just a really good crew in the Nashville franchise.

We've had a bunch of different workers, and only once was there someone who didn't seem to be a good worker. (To be fair, I think she was feeling ill, and others took up the slack for her.)

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