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Unreliable 'cleaner'.They don't show up when scheduled.

They don't follow-up when they fail to show. They had no problem showing up as scheduled for the first couple of big cleans which cost more money, but upon moving onto regular bi-weekly cleans after that which paid less per their fee schedule, apparently they are not as customer focused. On first occurance of failure to show, I called business and was assured it wouldn't happen again, and that they would call in advance of each visit. They never called in advance of any subsequent visit, and two appointments later 'forgot' to show again.

As of this past Monday 11/26/07 when they last failed to show, never followed up to apologize or re-schedule.

We're DONE with this lousy sub-par 'cleaning' company that forgets to lock your door on the way out -- on those rare occasions when they do show.

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La Belle, Missouri, United States #415925

I just cancelled my service with another TCA (Cary, IL) for the same reason.We had a snowstorm on Friday, the owner called to tell me they wouldn't be able to make it - perfectly understandable.

I tell him Monday would be fine, and he said he'd call to confirm. No callback Friday, none Monday, I finally call the office Tuesday morning. They say someone will call back...I call them at noon because no one has called yet. By now I'm getting very ticked!

(Don't they have a guarantee within 24 hours? How can they possibly honor this?) The owner finally contacts me at 3PM and apologizes...then he asks if I just want to "skip this clean" I'm on an every other week schedule. Or he might be able to squeeze me in Wednesday. I'd rather have my house cleaned, so Wednesday would be good.

Then he says he has to check the schedule and would call me back (wouldn't he have been prepared with that info BEFORE taking all day to call me back????) Wednesday morning, 10AM ...still no call back or confirmation.

I called TCA to cancel my service, and I still haven't heard from them to get my key back.

They obviously have no contingency plan for storm delays, and this is Chicago where we get snowstorms all the time.No way to run a business at all.


The Maids are no different.They would clean a countertop, and leave the stuff shifted to one side when done.

Furniture was shoved back against a wall by the person vacuming and left there.

We'd spend 30 minutes going around the house putting things back into their place.Several times I came home to find the house unlocked.

to Joe #683284

same here...even have to go on a scavenger hunt to find trash cans!

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