I am so surprised to hear a negative review about The Cleaning Authority in Tucson. I have used them now for almost three years, and can't say enough about the owners, management and the cleaners that I have dealt with.

They have bent over backwards for us. When I was recuperating from back surgery, they were so thoughtful. They even sent me a get well card. I just can't say enough good about them.

They are the most professional, thorough, and nicest cleaning company I have ever used. Perhaps the writer of these negative comments should revisit his or her thoughts.

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the thing about this company is that they care about their reputation. If you have a Complaint they handle it.

no company ever gets total compliments.

there are bound to be a few complaints, but they are handled in a professional manner, AND if a legit complaint, the clean is re-done for FREE! Check Each individual Franchise, don't Judge on one comment or 10 from another state!


Just because you were lucky enough to get good service doesn't mean that those who complain must be wrong! Different individuals or a different supervisor may make all the difference. I'm happy for you but don't assume that everyone has had the same experience.

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