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The Cleaning Authority (TCA) of The Woodlands-Conroe (tx) cleaned our house twice a month. About a in January we noticed something was missing about three days after a cleaning. We contacted TCA regarding the missing items. They basically claimed no responsibility. We contacted the police. We fired TCA. They were the ONLY individuals with keys to our house, and they were the only ones in our house. So unless our 3 year only pulled the heist, it doesn't take sherlock holmes to figure this one out.

Also, both of the cleaning people admitted to knowing where the item was, and one of them had given notice that she was leaving TCA. You figure it out.

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The company hires criminals who stole from there previous jobs convicted an on probation nj is perfect example hammonton has criminals working Mariann martin fired from Bally's for theft.....


First I would ask TCA to point to the exact "misconception" I wrote about. Also, I would caution TCA about making representations in public forums regarding statements such as "the police did not feel it necessary to follow up on this."

I provided TCA the email from the police, it was TCA who choose not to provide the contact information regarding the employees to the police.


I have worked for this office of The Cleaning Authority for over 5 years and I am fully aware of the item that this former customer is speaking of. The item that he claims was taken out of his home was a VERY LARGE 5 gallon Ozarka jug with change in it.

By the description that the customer gave, the jug weighed a significant amount and could not have been easily hidden under one the employees coats and carried out of the home without being noticed. We advised the customer to file a police report and also told him that we would fully cooperate with the authorities (both employees were also willing to meet with the authorities when needed). A police report WAS filed and the police did not feel it neccessary to follow up on this. The employee that had given her notice is now living in Dallas with her mother and still keeps in contact with us.

The other employee is still employed here and has been for over 2 years. I just wanted to clarify this misconception.


What are you missing - you failed to state that. Did you file a police report?

Did you contact your insurance company? You make lots of claims but don't show any action other than complaining.

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