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They were told repeatedly to not clean the carpets (they had just been professionally steam cleaned) and to clean the kitchen cabinets. The quote was $90 for an hour with 2 girls. The condo was empty and the cleaning lady had just been there 3 weeks earlier.

I Got charged twice for a total of $260, kitchen wasn't cleaned and carpets were! When I called to complain to the owner Chad, he said he didn't believe me. So, I offered to let him go over there and check out the dirty kitchen and he refused. He then said it took 2 girls 2 hours to clean an empty condo that needed light dusting and bathroom basics!! So, instead of $90 like his quote, he charged me $130 and "accidentally put my card info in twice".

He said he would refund the money on the accidental charge on June 25th, 2008. It is now July 21st and he still hasn't refunded my money!

Total ripoff don't EVER work with him or his company. 734.455.4570

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Bull: They are all that way don't trust theses companies...If you have to have cleaning crew come in to your house have someone there to watch them...

Don't trust theses companies they will rip you off....

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #85640

Sometimes dirty Homes Need more than One clean. They cant stay there all day going over and over areas trying to perform heroics to try and get it clean.

They Usually do a couple good Scrubbings and move On to next area. People who let their house get FILTHY, then want it new after ONE clean arent realistic.


The office was found in Northville, not sure of their actually location. I believe either Plymouth or Northville.

I called the same day. It wasn't after 24 hours and the owner...not the cleaning crew...was a complete ***.

This was the first clean I ever had done by them, prior we had an every other week cleaning lady and she wasn't available that week.

I was polite and called and explained the mix-up. The owner-Chad, proceeded to infer that I must be lying. I offered to meet him at my condo and let him check the work. He refused. I then asked for the girls to come back out and finish the cabinets-he said they could, but I would be charged.

I assure you, I work in a customer service driven industry that drives a tremendous amount of criticism. I don't take posting to a public forum lightly.

By the way.....this is August 4th, 2009...still never got my money from him and had to file a complaint with my bank.

I am being fair.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #64579

The Cleaning authority has Offices all Over the united states. Complaining after one clean done by ONE team is Not fair to JUDGE the entire company on!

People are Human and YES, they make mistakes just like you do, So thats why there are 100% Guarantee with EVERY CLEAN! If You call AFTER 24 Hours, the guarantee is voided. JUST CALL as soon as You notice something is not done to your satisfacton- dont wait 5 days then call. Please state WHAT office, HOW many cleans You Had, and if office OFFERED to come back to re-clean for FREE.

99% of offices offer this and a lot customers GIVE a ONE SHOT DEAL, and refuse to let the company make it right. Be fair!

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