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The cleaning authority in fort worth is a den of thieves. They have taken or broken many of my personal items, they routinely either miss picking up my payment resulting in nasty phone calls from the owner or they don't tell him that they were paid.

I finally had to terminate my service after they only stole things and given up any pretense of cleaning. I left them with a balance owed to them, and the owner has taken it upon himself to try and collect from me using threatening phone calls and visits to my residence. I had to go to the police over his actions. His defense that his employees don't take anything is that they are Hispanic, well I guess I will take his word for it because I have never seen them.

He says he will ruin me financially.

I hope this helps somebody. My advice is stay as far away from this company as you can.

Review about: The Cleaning Authority Cleaning Service.

Monetary Loss: $468.

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Bethany, Illinois, United States #236680

If you had theft call the police. If they performed a service for you, then you still owe them for that service.

You had a contract and must honor that. The theft is a total different subject.

Bethany, Illinois, United States #236678

Customers scam as much if not more than service companies. I've seen it so many times. Why can't customers follow normal procedures and deal with things correctly.

With the internet everyone just jumps online to bad mouth everyone. Proper procedure means calling the company, telling them what is wrong, allowing them a chance to fix it, then deal with it if it is not acceptable at that time.

If someone stole from you, call the police, it's that easy. Get a brain and always do what is right before you jump through hoops to bad mouth them.

That is a hard business and I would never be in that business. Everyone is way too nit picky and expect everyone else to be perfect. Sorry they are human just like you and guess what you aren't perfect either. So DEAL WITH IT or follow common sense procedures.


That should have read TCA in the second paragraph of my comment. Apologies; I'm doing too many things at once this evening.


When my husband and I were living in Fort Worth, we also (briefly) hired TCA to handle our home. While we had no issues with payment, we too had serious problems with items being broken or disappearing altogether.

All calls we made to the company were either put off (my husband was told someone would get back to him and no one ever did), or our claims were outright denied despite the overwhelming evidence at hand that something was going horribly awry whenever the workers were in our home.

Suffice it to say, we terminated all business dealings with them shortly thereafter, and now that we live up north do not deal with TSA at all, despite one being readily available.

It was made abundantly clear to both of us that TSA is, as a company, morally bankrupt, completely unprofessional, and lacks any sense of responsibility for their actions or the actions of their employees. I don't know if this is an isolated occurrence or if it's standard policy for the entire franchise, but I've chosen not to take my chances.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #198907

Whenever anyone gets sent to collections, they AUTOMATICALLY try and defame the company who sent them there. If they really stole stuff, then the police should be called. Sounds to me Like, you didnt pay your bill, and just bad mouthing.

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