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I had hired the Cleaning Authority to clean my house October 22nd 2010. They came out with a cleaning crew of 3 employees.

This was supposed to be the initial cleaning- which in their brochure means a "deep cleaning". There was a list of everything that was supposed to be completed. Here are some of the things that were on the list- which were not even touched: My Floor boards/base boards, doors wiped and door frames, "knick knacks" cleaned (nothing was touched on my bath room counters even a shelf that I cleared off specifically cleared off for them to clean was still dusty), wash and sweep floors (my floors were not touched but now worse because they wore their shoes in my house), wipe down all appliances, the list goes on. The only thing that was done for $65 was my carpets were vaccummed but only around the furniture, wiped down counter tops, and cleaned toilets.

Other than those 3 things my house looked the same way that I left it- mind you they were supposed to "deep clean" my house and they were there less than an hour! The owner seemed so nice when I first met her, until I called to complain, she had another girl from her office contact me, I told the girl I wanted to speak with the owner, this was Monday, it is now Thursday and I still have not heard from her- but they cashed my check Tuesday.

I left a message again- if they do not call I am putting a complaint through the franchise main office. Please do not hire this cleaning team: a tThe Cleaning Authority in Kissimmee Florida- you will be throwing away your money- her name is Denise Gilroy- they are a SCAM

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She had a CONTRACT with this company. I'm sitting here reading these comments in serious awe...

this woman was quoted a price, given a detailed list of what this companies detailed clean consists of - and the company fell short. How exactly is this the customers fault? I received a brochure from this company in the mail yesterday, they outline what their detailed clean is, and it's quite a lot for the money.

Maybe they should not over promise!!! And BTW, hiring a cleaning company doesn't make you lazy, a lot of us work many hours a week - suppose you're just jealous that you make min wage and could never afford such a luxury.


What's wrong with you people! The lady was quoted $65.00 for the job and the duties were outlined by the company!

She did get ripped off! No different if you went to a store and purchased something for $65.00, and when you got home to open up the box only half was there, you would be upset to!


Denise, your first mistake was in hiring a cleaning service to clean your house. If you can't do it yourself, then get something smaller that you can take care of. Self reliance made this great country of ours the powerhouse it used to be--shoveling daily duties off on cleaning services is part of what is making the US of A a chickenshit 2nd rate power.


$65.OO??? Wow I own a housecleaning business and you should always suspect when someone's price is that low. You get what you pay for, that's really true when it come sto housecleaning.


Deep cleaning is a journey and hard work.. that's why you are paying to get it done obiously you don't want to do it..but if you want good cleaning will cost ya..

people can't go clean your home for cheap..come on.. be realistic..its hard work..

Bethany, Illinois, United States #236673

Denise evidently thinks that she should get everything for nothing. $65 is peanuts, you got a deal, so deal with it.


You got what you paid for. Hopefully they only spent an hour at your home.

For some reason, people think that cleaning companies will clean for nothing. The average price for deep cleaning your home is $22 per man hour.

So for $65 you got 3 hrs of cleaning. If you want the 12 hours your home most likely needed for a "deep clean", you would have paid closer to $250.

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