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The Cleaning Authority is authoritarian and unresponsive to customer needs. In addition, they are shorthanded and have untrained employees utilizing dangerous household chemicals despite claiming they are a "green" company. The initial consultation was very friendly and they make a good sell.

The original visit was for cleaning the garage and removing rust stains on the driveway. An untrained employee named Michael used household bleach instead of rust remover and permanently bleached a portion of our driveway, leaving white spots and blotches.

The same employee Michael, in a subsequent visit, while cleaning the kitchen used some chemical cleaner that removed the rustic bronze finish off the faucet. Also, when the cleaning crew works, they are unable to do simple tasks effectively like mopping a kitchen floor. While mopping the kitchen floor, my wife noticed that hair and food crumbs were still visible after they were finished. My wife had the cleaning crew mop the floor a second time before leaving. We repeatedly had to show the cleaning crew how to mop a floor.

It was obvious that this crew was not trained properly. That apparently pissed off the owners who did not like the fact that we wanted the floors really clean and that we were showing the employees how to do it right.

When I called the owner Julie about it, I left a message and her "bad cop" husband Ken called back and accused me of lying and saying that I damaged my own property. He refused to come to the house and look at the damage that his employees had done. He laughed it off and said that we were too difficult a customer and he preferred to no longer do any business for us.

The lack of professionalism and responsiveness to customer satisfaction was appalling. I have never experienced such an arrogant attitude from a service provider in any industry and I have been hiring and firing people for 30 years.


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We are still waiting to hear from you, Julie. This is further evidence of what a fraud and scam operation Julie and her husband are running.



Julie, apparently your husband is unaware of your customer satisfaction program. He refused to come look at the damage produced by your employee Michael.

Michael himself admitted that he was not qualified to do the faucets and driveway, but only was trained to do windows. He stated to my wife that he was forced to do the procedures he was not trained for due to lack of help and trained employees. When I placed my telephone call with you Julie, you let your husband call me back. Unfortunately your husband refused to work with me and laughed at the suggestion of even coming out to the house to see the damage done.

And yes, your chemicals removed the finish off our kitchen faucet. If you wish to resolve this amicably, you have our home phone number and you may call my wife and schedule a time to see what Michael did to our property.

Please do not have your husband contact us. Thank you.


The Cleaning Authority takes pride in our customer satisfaction program. We use EcoLab products for cleaning and do not carry bleach for any cleaning purposes inclduing powerwashing.

Our chemicals do not remove finishes and we have a full program for training our staff. If anyone would like further explanation, including Mr.

Wakim, we would welcome a telephone call at (269)428-7110. We are committed to complete satisfaction and will do anything in our power to correct any damage we cause.

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