I would like to warn everyone in the Edmond, OK, and OKC area to NOT hire The Cleaning Authority. I was not told by Brad, the owner, that the girls only dusted as high as they could reach.

They will not allow their workers to step up on a ladder or step stool, which is just a joke. I am VERY UNHAPPY with their service and was mislead by the owner by him not telling me that the upper plantation shutters, bookcase, ceiling fans, etc., would not be dusted properly.

Also, they charge twice what I've ever paid to have the house cleaned. Hiring this company is a waste of time and money.

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This may be an old comment - I have just started with them here in Edmond (2014) and on the very first visit they cleaned my ceiling fans ( which were COATED in dust since I have no way to reach them myself) and they look great.


This is a terrible service. They were to come to my house and give me an estimate.

They were to call and confirm and let me know who was showing up to give the estimate.

They did not call and then lied about calling once they got here. Called the corporate number back and basically got told they have no authority it is the local company owed by Brad Ayers that is in charge and that is the liar who showed up on my doorstep with an attitude.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #703670

They will not stop junk mailing me. I've called and requested twice.


I will NEVER EVER use this company again...and I didn't even get them to start cleaning my house yet! They never showed up when promised (after waiting a week to get the appointment scheduled) and when I called the owner she said for me to just leave my house key on the front porch and someone would be by later.

Now, mind you, I've never used this company before but if the owner tells you just leave a key out, would you?! I mean, come on! Here robbers, just come on in, "clean" me out and leave.

Not a very professional company at all! I learned my lesson!


And the bad part that they always in a hurry to clean a house, and dont see what they leave behind!


We tried The Cleaning Authority in Bel Air, MD. We gave them 2 chances to do what was agreed to and they didn't, so we gave them the hook.

We are so very happy with the service we receive from The Cleaning Authority. As a professional cleaner for new construction our standards are very high.

The workers have always cleaned thoroughly and effectively. Our ceiling fans are dusted, ceiling grates cleaned and the whole house is dust free.

Their fees are also more than competitive. :) :grin :zzz

if they told you they would not get those up front, why are you whinning now....don't blame them for you were told...


I talked to Brad Ayers over a month ago regarding cleaning my home. At that time he was just starting out and I think he said he had five customers and one or two employees.

I asked for references and he provided 3 or 4, one called me back. They had nothing but good things to say, but they also had just started the service and their home had only been cleaned twice. She was satisfied with everything other than she didn't think the cleaner they used in the shower got it clean enough.

I thought they were very high, since I have a small home and it is very clean anyway. I just needed things done like mopping the floor, cleaning blinds, scrubbing the shower.

Maybe a good cleaning once a month. He said it would be around $100.00.

And, if I wanted it bi-monthly, it would be $150.00 ($75.00 per clean). Is that the going rate?

Anyone know of a reputable, trustworthy cleaning company/person in the Edmond area?

to Potential Client? #1450807

Wow! So, your saying you want someone to clean your house for less than 75.00!

I do specialized cleaning for my own company and would absolutely laugh at your comment! So, a company is supposed to pay someone gas money, supplies, workers comp, and general liability, and pay that person to clean your home, and not make a dime from cleaning your home! Wow!

Find cheaper and you will have a dirty home! You get what you pay for!

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