One of the owners in Redwood City, Ca evaluated our home and explained about the Initial two "detail" cleanings as wanting our home to establish their cleaning standards. She encouraged us to let them know of any concerns.

We asked them to come back after the 1st clean as the stove top, cabinet handles, stainless steel items in the kitchen were not well cleaned (let alone detailed). The rest of the house was okay but the areas that were to be detailed were no different from when our previous housekeepers cleaned. They did come back the next day. After the 2nd initial clean, was adequate the sleeping and living areas to be detailed were average.

I asked to speak with the owner whom I original spoke with. The supervisor I spoke with (who said she had returned my call three times which was not true) asked what the problem was. I told her I did not think either cleaning was a detailed cleaning and wanted some sort of compensation. She told me I was setting the company up to fail; the crew needed time to get used to the house to make it how I wanted it to be; she defended herself in that she had inspected the house the 1st visit and my 1st complaints were not valid.

She stated the Cleaning Authority may not be the service for me and that my cleaning experience was only with individuals and not a company like theirs. She kept second guessing my complaints of having to do with the extra expense of the initial cleanings. I told he it was the quality and that I had been encouraged to voice my concerns/complaints from the owner. I wanted to speak with the owner in the hopes, I would get a more professional response.

She, too, invalidated my complaints/concerns. Bottom line, the Cleaning Authority is not the professional cleaning company it claims to be. And after reading yelp reviews of the Redwood City office, I see multiple poor reviews exactly like my own. If you have never had your home/apt cleaned by house cleaners, they may be acceptable to you.

Don't be fooled by their professional attitude and claims of being Green. Their customer service sucks!

Review about: The Cleaning Authority Cleaning Service.

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