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My husband and I had began using the cleaning authority several months ago. On a recent clean they sent us a team of two who had been to our house once before but had done a very good an through job.

They were both saying to each other they were hungry and wish they could and get lunch but were not allowed to. When I over heard this I asked them why they weren't allowed to get a lunch and asked about their pay. Needless to pay the owner skimps on their pay, does not pay them for the full time they're in a house, does not pay them for all the miles they put on their personal vehicle driving from house to house, and even though they take a 1/2 an hour out of their pay everyday for lunch they are told they are NOT allowed to eat until they leave work for the day. After hearing all this I offered them anything they'd like from my pantry and fridge and gave them each $10 to get something after work.

I had called the office and asked if they could spend some extra time in my house saying that I wanted certain things to be more detailed then usual (even though I was just asking so they could sit and eat lunch) and the owner of the company told me that, that was not possible and that my house was estimated at an hour and thirty nine minutes and if they went over that they would NOT be paid and that I would have to pay extra for the extra time they spent in the house. After hearing all that I hung up and told the girls who were sent to clean not to bother cleaning and have lunch and I'd make them something. The next day I called and terminated the company. I know how hard it is to make ends meet and how hard you have to work to do so, I will not support a company who does not pay their employees well and expects them to keep up their high energy all day and do a good job in every single house they are sent to.

I will NEVER hire this company again to clean my house. And I hope no one else does either!

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I personally work for victor and Pam is my daily manager these comments are true....new haven mi


I think this is all funny....nothing like this I have worked there over 5 yrs and none of this is true no you can't eat in a customers home I they offer than yes you can and YES you are allowed to take a 30 min lunch so for the ppl that has been told different um sorry those girls got over on you.


I know for a fact the company rips off the workers.. My girlfriend works there right now and the company only pays them there full wage while in house while out of house they give them barely half what they make and they will spend half the day traveling sometimes... Its ***


They have a lunch break mid day that they are TOLD to take. And they are even given an insulated lunch bag to carry their lunch in if they do not go to a fast food place.

Many choose not too becuase they want off early. They are not allowed to eat in customers homes, But they are allowed water. It is not professional to eat while working. Once they enter your home, They are there to provide cleaning.

If a Customer chooses to allow them a snack, they may. But Management prefers them to take their lunch break as every employee in america does.

to Anonymous Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States #899303

Baloney (they don't even get that). You don't have time to take a lunch.

You are scheduled to be in homes for a certain amount of time. On MANY occasions that time scheduled for homes (3-5 per day) doesn't give a dog enough time to eat anything decent.

If you're taking too long to arrive to a home, your mileage pay goes to $0.00.

Normally your travel pay time is minimum wage, your mileage, I assume, varies according to each franchise owner. The slave owner I know of in Exton pa paid his slaves 0.36 per mile.



I use the cleaning authority and they ARE allowed to eat and drink in my home. On one occasion, the cleaner dropped her coffee on my carpet, and I had the supervisor come out to see it and clean it. Be glad they aren't allowed to eat/drink while they are workin.

to Stan Madison, Connecticut, United States #1292224

OOOHHH....thank ya masta soooo much for lettin' us eat in you home. Mr Stan is such a goooood man.


I agree i had the cleaning authority cleaning my home and i offered them a snack and they said they are not allowed to eat in front of or inside of customers home and i told them that twas my home they could have a snack and theysaid no because if Pam or victor showed up they would get in big trouble i did later terminate because victor would not work with me professionally and was extremely rude

to jake #641410

Nobody by the name of Pam or Victor has ever worked at The Cleaning Authority.

to RD #651162

:sigh sigh . .

. .

to RD #862176

Did u stop to think that maybe Pam and Victor are the owners. There are over 3100 franchise in the US and even in Canada.

to Anonymous #1200383

3100 Cleaning Authority franchises?!! That's 3100 too many.

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