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Unfortunately, I didn’t review this company before I hired them. If I had seen these bad reviews, I would have avoided them!

The cleaners broke an antique statue that’s been in my family decades. Then the owners said their people didn’t do it (because they have a protocol to report - like everyone is honest...except the client, of course!). I was gone constantly on business, the antique was in an untrafficed area, and only ever touched (literally) by the cleaners. The owners actually implied I was trying to get money from them, that I faked the photos, and that my ex-husband was in the house watching them - so he might’ve done it.

I demanded they submit it to their insurance (the letterhead from insurance said Hanover Group Auto Damage Unit...but the associate adjuster signature said Massachusetts Bay Insurance Co. That in itself is confusing, or maybe a scam???) but of course the claim was denied because none of the employees would say they broke it. Absolutely ridiculous. The statue is valued between 3500-4500 USD.

I cannot believe how blatantly dishonest this company was in handling my loss. It was a family heirloom.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cleaning Authority House Cleaning Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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